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Make a Splash Inc. is a not-for-profit profiling Mark Cameron, a Patient Advocate, who provides the newly injured and their families a conversation regarding life in a wheelchair with someone who might be able to answer their questions. Mark’s goal is to help those involved in this transition to navigate the challenges as smoothly as possible. In addition Make a Splash is an effort to introduce to able-bodied audiences, life in a wheelchair and to share Mark’s message of life in a wheelchair, diving awareness and the importance of making good friends and choices.


Along with motivational speaking, Make a Splash Inc. networks with hospitals, nurses, caregivers and others in the medical field in an effort to provide them with the insight necessary to help those newly injured and their families.


Mark will meet with the family members of the newly injured to provide support and assistance in helping them understand that life will get easier. His experience during his own recovery provides him comfort in knowing that he is helping others. In many cases Make a Splash Inc. provides the injured with right direction they are seeking while they deal with their life-changing experience. Mark has opened his home to demonstrate the technology, modifications, and equipment available to help families care for their loved ones. Mark has worked with a number of clients looking for suggestions on modifications to their own homes. In addition to the Patient Advocacy, Mark works as a Motivational Speaker. Mark shares his story with many schools in the area. He emphasizes the importance of Making Good Choices, Making Good Friends, Personal Character and of course diving awareness. It’s a strong message for the young audience as most of whom are getting ready to make choices that could affect the rest of their lives.





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