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Make a Splash! Inc will work with the newly injured and their families on the transition to life in a wheelchair. In addition, we will introduce life with a disability to able-bodied audiences and express the importance of making good choices in their daily lives.

Mark Cameron became a C4-C5 quadriplegic as a result of a shallow water diving accident in September of 2004.


Mark set personal goals during his hospital stay. He determined he would breathe on his own before discharge. To the surprise of his doctors, he beat the ventilator machine in 3-1/2 months. In addition, he determined he would live independently upon his return home. Through state aid, he was able to acquire computer technology that allows him the necessary flexibility to move about his home and with help from volunteers he is living on his own. His personal journey placed tremendous impacts not only on Mark but upon his family and friends. As a result, Mark became passionate about patient advocacy.


Today Mark works with the newly injured and their families with respect to the adjustments and challenges of life in a wheelchair. Make a Splash, Inc. was born out of Mark’s hope to provide the newly injured and their families a conversation regarding life in a wheelchair with someone who might be able to answer their questions. Mark’s goal is to help those involved in this transition to navigate the challenges as smoothly as possible. In addition Make a Splash is an effort to introduce to able-bodied audiences, life in a wheelchair and to share Mark’s message of life in a wheelchair, diving awareness and the importance of making good friends and choices.


Mark speaks publicly about his accident and recovery. During his speaking engagements, Mark emphasizes the importance of making friends and how tremendous that has been to his recovery. His specific focus is how everyone benefits by fostering friendships and helping each other along the way. He finds that sharing what he has learned is a valuable lesson to pass along.

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